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News from Mill Green

Mill Green Bottoms out this Winter   1.26.03

Twice this winter ( if you count December 4 as a winter day) the outside thermometer in the sun, no less, went below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is snowing today, January 26. The furnace comes on every 5 minutes and Earl( that is the Earl of Earl's Art) tends the fire every half hour.

We are expecting a new citizen born in Mill Green this weekend. S(He) will reside in Mill Green Heights. The sibling, Jeffrey is getting impatient exclaiming, "when is this baby coming, anyway!"

With the temperature not exceeding 20 for the last week, there aren't too many walkers out on the roads. We waive to each other as we pass on the road. Those going to "the schoolhouse" and those going shopping, antiquing or those traveling to Accident or Ocean City, visiting their other homes.

The wildlife, cows and cats are found scurrying. Cats from barn to woodshed, or cows huddled close to the barn awaiting another bale of Earl's scrumptious hay.

Judi did some meditating at Emory Church today and came up with the following inspirations for a name. Here goes EMMA II. How about Grandmom Judi or Mom- Mom Judi and Grumpy Gramps? Let us know what you think Emma.

Signing off  Judi Famous ( Famous by marriage)

News You Can Use From Mill Green Resort Ranch Studio - Mill Green, MD 4/17/02

I write these words after a scorching day in April. 98 degrees read the sign on the bank out side of FLES at 11:30 AM. Yes Harford Co. Schools dismissed early. You see the new policy called for no more early dismissals since 95% of the schools are air conditioned now. They did not factor in, however the starting date for turning on those air conditioners. This record breaking, global warming day in April came 14 days before the air conditioners were programmed to go on; hence, the unteachable atmosphere and the early trip home today for moi.

James is home in Mill Green.- restrictions galore for a couple of weeks. I told him he can do the cooking as Margaret handles the heavy work

John and Gloria our off tomorrow for their trip out West.

The Mill Green women are planning a NYC trip for May.

Jason Wettig has a brand new Chinese made violin. Just like the piano market the Chinese are cornering the violin market these days. The name is Chen. He is very pleased. He'll be giving it its premier performance at the Emory Annual Talent Show on April 28. He is playing Celtic Songs. The somewhat improvised style of this music suits Jason.

Earl has ordered a couple more of those oak cabinets for the kitchen. We're anticipating a nice addition.

Salmon has become a favorite of Judi's.

167 strings and counting are the numbers performing at Judi's Spring Concerts, soon to hit the Harford Co. School Stages.

David Finko - Phila. Orchestra Composer in residence is the featured composer for the SSO concert in May. His piece is being premiered by Cecelia Barcyk - very accomplished female cellist. The SSO has not mutinied - the selection actual has a key center some of the time and a few 'major' chords.

Psalms of Hope CDs are still available. Get them while they are still a cheap 6 dollars a CD.

Paul , Saroja, Esther,Anjali,Ruth Benjamin are going to Shri Lanka for two weeks in May. His sister is very sick and Ruth and Esther haven't been there in almost 20 years. Ruth is 21 and a half. We wish them good traveling.

Earl is watching his favorites on TV (once he sees the Oriole Game is beyond hope!) -He watches Larry King Live and then Bill Reilly on Fox TV.

The SSO has commissioned a piece by Gwyneth Walker - American Composer we've played before. She is writing it for oboe and Orchestra and is dedicating it to Emma. Gwyneth has stayed on the farm and knew Mom. She also played tennis in her youth and used to play with Billy Jean King. She is a character. Her music is very neat,precise and listenable to (As opposed to David Finko's)

Is everyone glad I went first on this get to know what everyone is up to idea!!!

There are many new calves . I particularly like to watch the black one with the white face It is very lively. Looks more like a dog.

Saw Jeffrey today. He is talking in sentences and smiles a lot.

Jason, Janet L. and Janet W. all have birthdays this month in case anyone needs to know.

Tennis in Mill Green has started. We have a new player she starts tomorrow. Sometimes we fill in with a couple of men,- Earl, Steve or Steve. Trouble is they don't bring much gossip to the event.

Lessons are over for tonight. I ate Earl's chicken salad, and Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich and I'm going out for a short walk. So, sadly this must come to an end.

I leave plenty of room for improvement and more wit!

To everyone I bid a good night
Judi Mom ( as the kids say, "whatever")

PS ( and you thought this was over) Did my Sunflower background come through? How about my font and colors? Attachment is a picture taken on March 24 in the front yard . It is Heather Baldwin and myself after her wedding shower held at Mill Green Ranch Resort Studio in Mill Green Md 33333

July-August 2001

Judi and Earl spend 3 weeks in Tucson, Jen and Judi Visit Holly in Portland

Click here for pictures and details

December 31, 2000


       “ Angels showed their presence and ‘How Kings came?’ was discussed and critiqued in the early hours of Christmas. Hallelujah was sung and Emma’s Grand Piano was magnificent. The snow lay on the ground, the stars shown bright as Christ our Lord was born on Christmas night.”


Gifts ranged from Snooblegrass to Company cows; from silver bracelets to robo puppy; from homegrown herbs to suspect CD burners; from lambs to John Lloyd poems; from 12 Days of Christmas ornaments to chocolate wine sauce. 

It was reported that on one day there were license plates from the following states in The Mill Green Ranch Resort Studio parking lot:

Massachusetts. Connecticut, New York, Virginia, Maryland, and in person two Tucsonans bearing Arizona driving licenses.

Crab Cakes MD style were the big hit along with Godiva Chocolates from Tony Bennett.

The following families were represented at the home of Judi and Earl Famous: Gloria and John Famous, Margaret and James Famous, Joe and Jean Carr, Jerry and Carolyn Anderson, Virginia Carr, Helen Hunt, Mark and Jen Famous, Tod Famous, Holly Anderson, Lindsay Drost, Heather Lloyd, Zachary Lloyd Gross, Janet Lloyd, The Harveys, The Wettigs, The Beckers, The Underwoods, Chris and Asha Fotos and new baby Ty –born on Dec.7-,and Sarah Morris. Lucinda and Davinder Rodey called from Jamaica. Beerinder Rodey wished us all a Happy Holiday sending a special present to Tod.

October 8, 1999

The NYC WEDDING has come and gone. And did everyone celebrate. The Pennsylvania Bus carrying the Harford County Crowd arrived safely back to Street and the Emory Church parking lot by 4:30 AM on Sunday the 22nd of August.  By the way, if any one is missing a size 10 suede heel  - sorry, just one, please contact Judi.

Lucinda Famous Rodey (a past resident of Mill Green) and her husband Davinder spent a wonderful time in Greece following their NYC WEDDING.

It is now fall and the Mill Green residents have two reasons to celebrate:

#1   The addition to HOME ON THE HILL and its owners, Ann Famous Becker and Mike Becker,  (drum roll) Jeffrey Michael Becker - born on Monday, Oct. 4,1999.

#2   The splitting, stacking, and hauling in of logs for the winter fires - brrrr it is cold!

Next SSO Concert is Sat. Nov. 6,1999 Featuring saxophonist Jim Noyes and Shostakovitch's 7th. (Not actually Mill Green news, but the writer of this column gets to slip in a plug occasionally.)

We need to announce that for the first time in three months the grass is green and thick in Mill Green. And, just in time for Jack Frost to kill it.. Trees are "turning" (a foreign term to you, Arizonians) and this writer enjoys the foliage as she walks to the bridge on Macton Road, The Farmer is truly trying to "farm", but nature is fighting him. The hay never dries out and the bales are pathetic looking.  The cows will have some interesting meals this winter!

There are new visitors to Mill Green in the form of music students this fall. By their second 

 trip they manage to find us without getting lost. I believe the average age is 11. So, this writer is doing a lot of "teaching" this year!

As the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, we bid you adieu, October 8,1999

August 7, 1999

It's Hot and Dry!

July 12, 1999

News from Mill Green or Green Mill as the British would say. Just who will show-up and who will win the coveted Famous Trophy at the Annual Mill Green Famous International Invitational Tennis Tournament?   Date: July 17, 1999  matches start at 2pm. Keep connected to this Web Site for results. Results to be posted by 9pm that same evening.

There are 36 different students studying at The Mill Green Ranch Resort Studio this summer. Their recital performance will be on Thursday, July 29. Tickets are not required. Ann F. Becker is throwing a shower for Lucinda Lynnet Famous daughter of Judith Lloyd and Earl Joseph Famous on Sunday, July 18 . The affair will be held at her home nestled high above the barn in Mill Green Heights.

In closing, most of Mill Green is on vacation this week (down at the Atlantic Ocean) with the exception of this correspondent and her husband who are both busily preparing for a house full of guests this weekend - July 16,17,18. So long for now . Talk to you next week via the Famous Web Page. Reporting from Mill Green, Maryland - Judi

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