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Breaking News

I've moved to Heidelberg, Germany. Check out my new car!
Check out my lastest trip to Luxembourg

Read all about Heidelberg (click on the British flag to read the page in English)

more about Heidelberg


Baby Jonathan

Jon's New "Old" House:

Jon's Favorite Picture

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Is it Jonathan, Jon, or Big Daddy Jon Carr?

Here is a list of names that people call me and who usually uses them.  

Jonathan Family, Co-Workers, People that have known me since I was a kid (formal)
Jon A lot of people (informal)
Jon Carr (with no pause) Most of my friends
Jon-boy Will Aubaugh
Jon-Jon Three people, all of which are female (use with caution)
Big Daddy Jon Carr Kiki
Cool Uncle Jon As of right now just Kristian and Conner Kleminsky

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