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In case you have trouble reading some of this - here's a link to Balmorese.

September 17, 1999 (from Janet)

Well Bel Air survived Floyd. It started raining Wed. and didn't stop until 4 PM Thurs. Then the wind really kicked up with gusts up to 70 mph. Then the electricity kick out. Bel Air North and Forest Hills went out between 11:00 AM (me) and 2:30 (the rest north part of town). We had 7 in. of rain here in Bel Air and up to 15 in. in North East, which at this writing (Fri. 4:30) is still flooded. Both of the bridges into North East are closed and no one can get in or out of town. The driveway into Moores Mill Condos flooded around 1:00 Thurs. when the dinky stream turned into real stream and overflowed. Then the intersection of Moores Mill and Hickory flooded and was closed. Since my electricity was out and I only had 6 of the 8 batteries needed to run my radio, I entertained my self by trying to read by the small amount of light coming in the living room and watching the fools and idiots remove the cones blocking the road and try to go through the intersection. I was rooting for someone to really try the intersection, but most turned into the Condo drive or Del Plaza and go back up the road past the removed cones. I guess they thought the cones were there just to give them extra exercise...

The major electrical outage covered Hickory road north and east. I know this from personal experience because I tried to go out and find batteries after the rain ended (@ 5PM). I tried the 7-11 but it was closed. Then went to Kleins in BA, no luck. Then up to Kleins in Forest Hill (or any store opened!), no luck...everyone was closed, no electricity. All the traffic lights were out (imagine the Rocks Spring intersection at rush hr. and no lights working!) so I thought it would be better to go up Route 23 to ROUTE 1 and home. Route 23 was fine, but ROUTE 1 past the by-pass was blocked...tree down. I turned around and went back up ROUTE 23 and thought it'd be better to go the by-pass and get off north ROUTE 24...bad mistake. Not only did I have to make a left, but I had to cross the traffic coming off the by-pass and all the traffic going north and south on ROUTE 24! I thought I'd never get out but I did and proceeded to Moores Mill Rd. thinking I was almost safe...fat chance, a tree was down on Moores Mill. So I took a side street back to ROUTE 24, into town, down Broadway, Hickory and finally into my place....it only took 1 hr!

They closed schools Thurs. and Fri. and the library even closed Thurs. as the state police wanted people off the streets. When they revised the reports and said Floyd's center was going off the coast and not up the bay, I thought everyone would be kicking themselves the next day, but was wrong. It was really too bad for people to be out. Between the trees down, wires loose and flooded roads, it was not safe. At one point there were no routes clear up to the northern part of the county and forget the ROUTE 40 area. They closed ROUTE 7 before the real rain began. It flooded with just the rain that fell on Wed. night! In fact an eatery (forgot the name of it), flooded so fast people almost didn't get out. They said they had 2 in. and were thinking of closing and within 10 min. had 3 Ft!

My electricity went back on at 9:30 PM, so it'd been out 10 and 1/2 hrs. which is longer than I've experience in MD. The Gatza's (1 mile up the road) still do not have electricity and had to borrow a generator to pump out the 3 ft. of water in their basement.

Things are getting back, but over 200,000 people in the state still do not have electricity and may not get it until Sunday.

My garden is ok, but I had to move lots of stuff to get it out of the wind and rain and will deal with that Sunday after things dry out some. The only bad thing here at Moores Mill is the damp musty smell...good thing I just bought some new aromatic candles!

So we made it though another big one....

July 22, 1999 (from Janet)

Well it finally happened...last night we had a measurable amount of rain! That is the first measurable about of rain we have had since May! It was so dry my hosta (which are completely in the shade) were wilting and most of the flowers turned brown before they opened up. It was so dry I was going to ask Jen what desert plants I should replace all my dying plants with! Lucinda's shower was very nice. It was an all woman/girl event except at eating time...then the men showed up! Speaking of the food, Ann and family presented a wonderful selection of food...especially the desserts. Lucinda received many nice gifts. Knowing that she could not get all of them home or may not even have room at home for them, her loving Aunt Janet offered to "store" some for her....she declined her offer. (whooey!) I (Janet) am about to embark on some remodeling. I am getting new flooring in my kitchen and bathroom, getting my bedroom, hall and bathroom painted and new shutters in my den and bedroom. My contractor is coming tomorrow (July 23rd)to give me an estimate on the work, so if you hear a loud thud around 9:15 AM, don't worry it is only my jaw dropping upon hearing the amount this will cost! I looked at linoleum and paint samples last night and brought some home to check out. It is amazing how something you think will look great looks so bad when you actually try it out! Right now I am thinking of gray/blues for the bedroom and rose colors for the bathroom...but I am having my fashion consultants come Sat. evening to keep me from picking colors I like, but will regret having to look at day in and day out! The Harford Co. Public Library children's summer reading program is alive and well...maybe too much so as it is very busy. As a consequence, I am very busy, tired and on a few rare occasions, just a bit grumpy....ha! Well that is the news from the Bel Air metropolitan area.

June 22, 1999  (From Janet)

I went to New York last week to visit with Heather and Zack. I had asked ahead of time if we would be doing anything special and Heather said she had tickets for the Ballet (Don Quixote) but that was all. However when I got there I found out, in dribs and drabs (our families only way to communicate) that I was going to lunch with Jonathan Gross, Zack's All Star Game (his team won!), lunch with Heather in White Plains, and dinner with a friend from work! We all had a great time. Even with all the planned events we still squeezed in a visit to the Whitney for the new exhibit on the 20th century (amazing exhibit covering all aspects of art including film and sound!) and a craft fair that just happened to be at the Lincoln Center where we parked the car. Oh yes, after I got there I found out I was taking Zack back to MD! Zack is now at Judi's and I am not sure what he is doing since Judi is at still working till Wed. noon. He is going back on the train on Thurs. We have started the Summer Reading Program at the library so things are hectic but fun. Our theme is Blast Off to the Future...READ. Wonder why we pick a future theme this year...ha!

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