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FamousFamily.com FAQ

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Who are the Famous Family?

Here lies a collection of pages for Famous, Infamous and Not so infamous people. Obviously everyone can't be Famous because they weren't born Famous. Some married Famous people and became Famous. Some are Famous because they have relatives married to Famous people. Some are just friends of a Famous and have thus earned the honor of joining the Famous people on the Famous Family Home Pages. Enjoy.


What's Yahoo Messenger?

Yahoo Messenger is online chat software that lets you communicate with people in real time. It's similar to AOL's Instant Messenger and Microsoft's Messenger. In an attempt to remain neutral, (and because it's easier to use), we're using Yahoo's messenger. The graphics on the home page indicate if we are currently connected. Note: This does not mean we are actually at the computer. If you click on the graphic and type in a message, it will be sent. If we don't reply, we're probably not at out computer, but the Messenger will tell us you tried to send a message - that is if you remember to tell us your name. You don't need to download any software to use the messenger, but if you want to chat more often, you might want to install it. The software is easy to use. Enough text...

Jen and Mark Tod
Mark at work Tod at work
Mom & Dad Famous Cinda and Vinda
Mom & Dad Carr Davinder at work
Jonathan Beerinder
Aunt Heather Aunt Janet


How is this site hosted?

This site is hosted through www.hostway.com. They seemed to have the best deal at the time. Check 'em out using this link.


How can I send pictures to the Famous Family Home Pages?

The best way to send pictures to the site is through our FTP site. ftp://ftp.famousfamily.com. To send a picture, follow these steps:

If you still can't figure it out, ask someone younger to help you.

Another tool I would greatly recommend it the FTP Explorer (http://www.ftpx.com/)

Are there other Famous Family Home Pages?

The Famous Family Home Page - Found this site one day when searching with MetaCrawler.com.


What's a FAQ?

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ.


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