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Famous Marketing

Just sit back and take it...SM

This is the FamousFamily.com Marketing page.  For more information please contact tod (at) famousfamily.com. 

FamousFamily.com Background

FamousFamily.com is a web portal which hosts "subwebs" for Famous family members and friends.  FamousFamily.com also provides some of it's own branded FamousFamily.com content.   FamousFamily.com is administered by a distributed group of web developers.  

Seed money for FamousFamily.com was provided by "angel investors" Mark Famous and Tod Famous.  Future growth and expansion shall be funded based on profit sharing arrangements with FamousFamily.com subwebs and donations from FamousFamily.com community members.  If you would like to make contact tod (at) famousfamily.com (Paypal accepted).    

Marketing Strategy

The success and expansion of FamousFamily.com is based on the continued growth and participation of users.  FamousFamily.com marketing programs are designed to both expand the user base and increase the participation of current users.  

FamousFamily.com marketing programs are typically community-directed (a.k.a. viral marketing).  Famous marketing establishes the program but the success of the program is based on the participation of FamousFamily.com users and subweb masters.  These programs are designed to be low cost but highly scalable.

FamousFamily.com Marketing Programs

Friends and Family Email (January 2000)

Famous Logos (Summer 2000)

Famous Schwag! (December 2000)

Famous Merchandise

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